Subscription Flowers

Subscriptions with Regular Flower Delivery

With so many ordering our flowers for regular delivery to homes, businesses and loved ones we have set up an automatic system to make things easier.

Select the day, Monday thru Saturday,  to receive weekly, bi-weekly or monthly flower delivery, or chose specific dates for delivery over the months ahead.

We offer our gorgeous hand-tied bouquets, spectacular arrangements in vases as well as DIY buckets of flowers and greens.

For those requiring smaller or larger selections or specific colours or styles please contact us directly at 250-588-9558

All prices include local delivery 

Hand Tied Bouquets 

Arrangement in Vase 

Previous vase to be picked up with each delivery

DIY Buckets 

Previous buckets to be picked up with each delivery

Conditions :
You will be charged each month on the same day as the original purchase. 
You can change your delivery day, pause deliveries or cancel anytime.

Subscription Arrangement in Vase

Subscription Arrangement in Vase

From $80.00

Subscription Hand-tied Bouquets

Subscription Hand-tied Bouquets

From $65.00

Subscription DIY Buckets

Subscription DIY Buckets