December Newsletter

December Newsletter


Wow its almost December and we haven’t stopped moving! The Flower Studio is starting to look like the festive season is close by. Lots of wreaths are hanging up and festive arrangements are starting to be prepared for special events. 

If you would like to come by, we are open Monday Thru Saturday 10-4, or have a look on our website where I’m trying to post all the new creations as soon as they are made.  

Our Dahlia tuber varieties are posted on the website and the inventory will be uploaded for December 1st, 6am PST. 

We are just completing our lifting and dividing of dahlia clumps to know inventory numbers. Some varieties we have oodles and some we will only have a few available for sale. 

NOTE – All Dahlia tubers will be ready in April when danger of freezing in the mail has passed and viable eyes on the tubers are apparent. Pick Up, local and Canada Wide Shipping is available. 


Today is the Last Day for our Specialty Tulip Bulb Sale!! -  BULBS25 discount code 

We still have several beauties available, and Tulips don’t mind getting planted in the cold! 

In the Fields

Once that hard frost hit, the rest of the month of November was spent clearing the fields of the annual crops that were done and cutting back the perennials that need it now. There are a few things still blooming like some of the scabiosa, calendula, the ornamental cabbage and kale, Colobri poppies, nepeta, hypericum, heirloom chrysanthemums, asters, rudbeckia, and even a few roses. As we finish our 3rd season here, with one unheated greenhouse (so far) It is time for us to support other local growers around our Island and our Province who have heated greenhouses and can supply us with the freshest and best quality products available. Each year I have extended my growing season a little bit longer into the late fall and earlier spring - hopefully I’ll get to year-round blooms over the next year…or three!! I still have so much to learn. 


In the Big Greenhouse

The rest of the annual crops were finally pulled out and soil amended before we started planting our hardy annuals and eucalyptus in there. The patch of deep purple Lisianthus I grew this summer are still holding on - We will see how hardy they are over the next months. The rows and rows of crates of ranunculus are all planted and they are rooting in nicely. When I bought this greenhouse last summer, I splurged for the automatic sides that roll up and down to regulate the temperature inside. The sides have still been working on the sunny days as the temperature in there gets above 14C


There are just a few spots left – treat yourself or someone special to an afternoon of fun and beauty and head home with a gorgeous wreath (or 2) or armloads of flower arrangements. 

Our Festive Wreath Workshops have started and Festive Floral Centrepiece Workshops are coming up quickly. Our FAB (farm accessory building) that we use for workshops has been transformed from a bulb and corm sorting, packaging, pre-sprouting and storage area into a super special place filled with a huge selection of botanicals for creating wreaths! In another week it will transform as it fills with seasonal florals to create gorgeous centrepieces and festive décor. 

2023 Seasonal Flower Share Collections  

These are very popular for local gift giving. We have put together several different collections of hand tied bouquets and arrangements in a vase to be picked up or delivered through a specific season or throughout the year. These could be considered CSA’s (Community Supported Agriculture) as they are prepaid to help us to get our crops in the field, tended and harvested for you to enjoy.


Keeping Up With It All 

It is a hectic time here as things are getting tidied up outside and activities are shifting indoors. 2023 is our 3rd Festive Season here in the Flower Studio. Now that Covid protocols have been dropped we are seeing that the community is starting to celebrate already!  

We hope you all have a wonderful December. Please take time to enjoy this wonderful city, province and country we live in. With so much in the news about hardship around the world, we hope that our efforts to bring beauty and joy to our community resonates with you. 

Sending Best Wishes, Season’s Greetings and Looking Forward to Spring 2023,