August Newsletter

August Newsletter

It's Finally Dahlia Season

Even though we had most of our dahlias planted by the May long weekend they have been so slow to grow and bloom because of our long, cool, wet spring. 

If you would like to enjoy some of these this season, check out The Dahlia Lover’s – Weekly or Bi-weekly Flower Share Collections 

This collection runs for 8 weeks and will be a staggered start over the next two weeks as our blooms keep ramping up to full production.


Specialty Tulip Bulbs will go on sale September 1st

I have ordered a new selection of specialty tulip bulbs for our flower farm along with extras to sell for your gardens and planters.

Last Fall, I held my first bulb sale. I offered the extra tulips bulbs I had ordered and I have had so many positive responses. (Thanks for all the pictures!)

Starting mid -October these will be shipped across Canada or picked up here at our flower farm.

Over the next few weeks pictures and descriptions of all the different varieties to be offered will be posted on the website


Our Most Loved Selections This Month


What's in Bloom Now 

Dahlias, zinnias, cosmos of all kinds, snap dragons, scabiosa, salpiglossis, sunflowers, nicotiana, phlox, nigella, salvia, craspedia, roselilies, echinacea, yarrow, verbena, green mist, delphiniums again, chocolate lace flower, queen anne’s lace, ageratum, celosia and the sweet peas just keep on coming.

For greens we have a great assortment of amaranth and orach/atriplex, scented geranium and the euphorbia and coleus is coming along (a new trial)…and I know I’ve missed a lot!

Scabiosa Scoops

Wow! The heat wave put these into full production! We have Lavender, Blackberry and Red Velvet/Burgundy Scabiosa Scoops going crazy out in the field and they don’t seem to be slowing down. Long strong straight stems with a great vase life. These are the super heroes of the scabiosa world! We have them in our handtied bouquets, arrangements and in our new Fresh Cuts.



What's up on the Farm?

We are busy harvesting from 6 to 10 am and again from 6pm until dark. It is important to harvest flowers and greens during the coolest parts of the day to keep them hydrated. The coolers are set at 38F/3.3C to keep everything fresh until we need them. 

We are still sowing seeds – mostly biennials and soon the hardy annuals that will go in the ground this fall to bloom in the spring. 

The last successions of the annual seedlings are being planted into the open spaces that were left from crops that have already finished and will be the last of our summer flowers blooming late into the fall.

I am busy pouring over seed catalogues to see what new things I’ll try growing for next year and to order what I really want to grow again. I am also saving seeds from the plants that will return true to their parent characteristics.




Rekha and Megan have been keeping busy all summer with our regular subscriptions, website orders, farmstand creations, Moss Street Market preparations and a lot of gorgeous wedding flowers.

We have added a few new faces to the studio with Lauren an Liesbeth helping out a few days each week. 

Our collection of vases is something else!...and it just keeps on growing.  If you are looking for something special to hold your blooms come up to the studio and have a look around Monday thru Saturday 10-4.



Fall, Thanksgiving and Christmas Workshops

Our workshops will be back in full swing in mid-September thru to early December.Have a look at our offerings for floral design, wreath and centrepiece workshops. If the dates don’t work for you or you have a group that would like have a private session, please give us a call to set a date and time for a private workshop. 250-588-9558


Moss Street Market is still in full swing!

We are there every Saturday 10am-2pm with our stand bursting with all of our blooms.




Thanks to everyone who is supporting us in making this huge endeavor a success. Rekha and I celebrated our 2nd year working together at the beginning of July. We have accomplished so much…and we have so many more exciting plans for the future! This is making me very happy and I hope our flowers bring happiness and beauty to all of you in our community.